There are many words we could use to describe The Interpreters.  But as researchers, we know most research agencies will attach words like insights, clarity, boutique, agility to their businesses. We deliver these but see them as part of the parcel.

We prefer to focus on the contradictions – delivering what traditional agencies are valued for but through innovative methodologies. We place an equal weight on data and design. We’re inquisitive but ask the right questions rather than too many questions. We’ll often present quantitative research without using numbers. Big enough to have offices in three countries, small enough that the most senior people work on your account. We interpret the problem before delivering the solution. We are The Interpreters.


The mission of The Interpreters is to create impact through the delivery of meaningful stories rather than cold hard facts. Science shows that our brains are far more engaged by storytelling than by traditional quantitative presentations. When a story is read, the language parts of our brains light up as well as the part of the brain we would use if we were actually experiencing what we’re reading. With both of these activated, it’s far easier for clients to remember the story – and ultimately know what to do next. And that’s our promise to clients … you’ll know what to do next.


We believed there were three pillars when creating our brand, which all conveniently started with P.

  1. Process: this is our commitment to quality.  Over the years, there was always the cost v time v quality triangle where clients were able to prioritise one or two.  These days, there’s the expectation that agencies can deliver all three and it’s only through processes that we can deliver fast, high quality and affordable research.
  2. People: this is our hardest sell as it’s only until you’ve worked with us that you enjoy working with us – smiling pictures on the website can only go so far.  We invest in our people as we invest in our clients and are proud to ask any of our clients to attest to our capabilities and commitment.
  3. Passion: if we didn’t like alliterations, this would be experience as we bring tons of it – from all corners of the globe, to all different methodologies.  We’re Specialist Generalists to continue the contradictions – and when we don’t have the specific skills required, we have a vast team of freelancers and supporters. That’s our passion – finding the combination of experience, skillset and methodology for each individual project.


As a full-service market research agency, there’s not a lot of methodologies or solutions we haven’t worked with clients on but some of our favourites include:

  • Segmentation
  • Brand Equity
  • Brand Tracking
  • Advertising Tracking
  • U&A
  • Concept Testing
  • Online Communities
  • Advertising Evaluation

We build solutions based on the client objectives and needs.  If we haven’t done it in the past, we’ll build it in the future.

5 in Five

In this regular feature, The Interpreters venture out to find interesting people from all different sectors, industries and experience to ask them the same 5 questions.

Meet the Team

The Interpreters might have started in 2017 but there’s
combined 30+ years experience that sits within the business.