1.Tell us your story … 

My name is Nick Morgan.  I am the Co-Founder and Joint CEO of Vudoo ( – which is an interactive video platform.  It’s my 2ndstart up in 3 years so I’m half broken! My background is 15 years in digital marketing and conversion, born from eCommerce and before that from FMCG marketing.

I came across video interactivity in its current guise about two and half years ago.  What I saw was amazing as it answered a potential problem that had arisen 4-5 years ago.  Back then, there was a big Australian retailer who we did a lot of work for, which in part was doing video.  We did 3-4 videos which worked extremely well but when we presented it back to C-Suite, they were impressed with number of views, etc but asked the question, so how many of X did you sell and we couldn’t legitimately put a figure on it as there’s no direct way of attributing it.

Fast forward 5 years and I come across the technology which crudely is video with links in it being poorly executed but despite that, it that was the moment where I knew it solved something that had been hanging round the back of my mind for years.  Video interactivity is broad term and can mean very different things but when you look at video and the amount of video that’s being consumed, 80% of all global Internet traffic by 2019 will be video.  At the same time, the market is talking and debating what are views, average time viewing and what that means and murky conjecture around video metrics. So,  I think I can play in this space.

I reviewed the positioning and the user experience and how similar business were selling themselves out in the market place, I found a need for provider that was more focused around delivering on business objectives rather than dialling up the latest cool new features.  So we don’t go to market on our features or our dashboard, we talk about what we deliver performance wise based on what the outcome is. We worked very quietly, even stealth like for 18 months to prove ourselves.  Did testing, did consumer testing and launched on the 1st of July 2018.

2The Interpreters spend a lot of time trying to understand our clients’ customers and segments within the market. How do you get to know your customers?

I go and sit in front of them.  They say when you start a business, if you grow to a certain point, you’re not going to be able to spend time face-to-face with customers, so you should get out as much as you can in the early days.  So I lead customer success with the team and I spend a lot of time talking and listening to customers face-to-face so you know what’s going on, what’s happening in their industries, what are the pain points, what do they need help with, what do they want to change.  And this at Vudoo is then supported by a very strong customer success platform which we’ve implemented into the website and the product itself, so we can have live discussions, chats and field questions and deliver answers in real time.

3. We do a lot of problem solving at The Interpreters so we’re interested in how other people solve problems. How do you approach problem solving?

Never on my own.  I do a lot of thinking about it, I do thinking around where the problem sits, why it’s a problem, who does it impact, what the solution could be – and then I take it to the team and work in partnership.  I’m better at editing the output of collaboration than trying solve or invent it myself.

4. Interpretation is subjective but a key part of our analysis. We’re always interested in the ways other people might interpret key trends or things of interest from their specialism.   How do you interpret the current ‘state’ of Australian politics?

I grew up in Country Victoria and had a lot of Labor and Liberal people around me but I naturally gravitated towards Labor and their values.  However, about 15-16 years ago, this guy popped up on the radar who was raised in a single household, his Dad was middle class but he had built his own way and grown his own wealth – and that’s Malcolm Turnbull.  And that spoke to me because I grew up in a single parent household in Country Victoria. So I’m conflicted and still are because I’m a big fan of Malcolm Turnbull but often vote Labor.

I’m a bit biased when I say that we should just let the man do his job. What’s happened today doesn’t help anyone in Australia.  You can’t constantly try and please everybody – if we do that, the country would be a bigger joke.  In that role, you need to make decisions that are hard and unfortunately going to anger certain people but they might be for the best interests of the country.  If you try to please everyone, you’re not going to please anyone.  = With that in mind, even if you disagree, you just have to let the man run his course because unity is better than chaos.

5. Because we firmly believe that Information is Beautiful, we would like to give you a copy of Information is Beautiful, ‘a stunning visual journey through the most revealing trends, fascinating facts and vital statistics of the modern world’. Because first impressions matter, have a scan through and tell us which visualisation caught your attention and why?

This one is awesome.  I’m a big fan of when you see a single colour and then they use that to build up the tones, darkness of that original colour and you see this graduation of colour.  The image is reflects My Chromosomes sequenced, 2 million letter combinations, which is pretty amazing.