A Patriot, Nationalist and Socialist Walk Into A Bar …

What would happen if an American Patriot, American Nationalist and American Socialist walked into a bar in the U.S. – that was the simple question we posed to 500+ American adults and below are the two scenarios retold by them, summarised by us.  The first retelling is from those politically affiliated or leaning Republican, the second, those politically affiliated or leaning Democrat.

The Republication View: Socialist In The Corner

The Patriot and Nationalist would enter the bar together; enjoying good banter as they walk in due to their love of the country and mission to put the American people first.  The Socialist would enter the bar last, alone and wouldn’t be invited to join the other discussion.  While American beers would flow for the Patriot and Nationalist, the Socialist probably wouldn’t be drinking or if so, were waiting for someone to share a drink with them.  The Patriot would position themselves strategically so that the Nationalist couldn’t see the Socialist in the dark corner as wouldn’t want to hear the arguments between those two.

As the night wore on, the views of Nationalist would start to irritate the Patriot as any time the Patriot started talking about their family and their values, the Nationalist would say something inappropriate or outdated.

The Nationalist would then leave the bar, probably having drunk too much, the Socialist had already left with no one noticing, while the Patriot would remain, engaging in friendly conversation with those around them and then tip generously.

The Democrat View: Who’s Round Is It?

All three were sitting at a booth in the bar, attempting to have a civil conversation but it was through the eyes of the Socialist the story unfolded.  The Patriot and Nationalist initially got on as discovered a shared view of conservatism and good old days but as drinks flowed, there was an increased connection between the Socialist and Patriot, driven from a love of country and the people within.

It was only when the Socialist started talking about the community that the Nationalist got upset and started the argument on who was going to pay for the drinks.  The Patriot tried to be inclusive when it came to paying the check but their voice was drowned out by the Nationalist.  The Socialist, wanting to pay the bill by the quantity each individual has consumed, was accused by the Nationalist of trying to rip him off and stormed out of the bar.  The Patriot felt awkward, contributing bills to the bar tab and left, while the Socialist gave the rest of their beer to someone else and left a tip as felt bad for the lowly paid staff who had to witness the whole spectacle.

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