This Is Choice, Bro!

It’s pretty choice that we’re launching The Interpreters business in New Zealand. Partnering with local specialists, we’re about to launch both a panel and full service operating out of Auckland so to celebrate the launch, we thought we would share some things that you might not know about our Kiwi neighbours – based on our research!

Here’s 10 things you might not know about New Zealanders …

  1. Facebook remains the most popular social media platform but there’s less than 4% gap between Facebook and YouTube users
  2. 36% of Kiwis still have a landline but that means the majority don’t
  3. 4% of Kiwis speak Mandarin at home
  4. 29% have watched the Australian classic movie, The Castle
  5. 52% like coriander – “googles lamb recipes that incorporate coriander” to really reinforce the stereotype
  6. 54% use the same username and password across multiple devices
  7. Rock is the most popular of music genres they listen to, followed by pop – which begs the question, which genre does Crowded House fall into and who does own the rights to pavlova?
  8. 36% of the New Zealand have no interest in rugby … if it wasn’t our own data, we would question it
  9. 71% approve of the way Jacinda Ardern is handling her role as Prime Minister … ask an international audience and we feel it will be higher
  10. 15% are generating income based on shares/investments

For more information about what we know about New Zealand or what you might want to know, get in contact with us

Kia Ora!

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