2018: A Year In Review

We’re going to jump on the bandwagon early and indulge you all with our year in review.  But rest assured, it’s a quick, simple and efficient summary so here’s our top five highlights of 2018 and the ‘priorities’ we have for 2019.

5 Highlights of 2018

  1. The Interpreters business grew from 2017 through a combination of our existing clients and brand new ones – we love the work we do, the clients we work with so thank you to all
  2. As the business grew, so did the team – we promoted internally, we found new people, we worked with great freelancers / collaborators and we’ve got new staff starting in January – the squad is growing
  3. We now operate businesses in three cities (Melbourne, Auckland and Washington DC) and still gatecrash with our friends in London. It might be reflective in our frequent flyer status credits but it’s been an amazing year to open new offices and play in the international space
  4. We did good work and continue to learn – we worked on projects out of our comfort zone, we pushed innovative methodologies and we continue to deliver insight that makes a difference within our clients’ business
  5. We still do the things that we did when the business started – there’s the daily Quiz, go out as a team on the last Friday of each month for Fancy Food Final Friday and celebrate our Christmas in November in places like Las Vegas (2017) and Vanuatu (2018)


Our 5 Priorities For 2019


To be honest, we haven’t put too much thought into next year but these are the things top of mind at the moment

  1. Understand why there’s a 10.5 font but no other half font sizes
  2. Ponder why abbreviation is such a long word
  3. Create the new fusion trend by combining dim sims with something equally good
  4. Deliver on our promise of booking economy long haul flights, changing into the business class pyjamas stolen on previous trip, and chancing our luck in the pointy end of the plane by wandering up with confidence
  5. Continue to request / demand merchandise from our clients – merch is our currency of choice


Enjoy the holidays and looking forward to 2019

Paul and the entire (and growing) Interpreters team

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