Happy Trails, Hans

At The Interpreters, we’re often asked to address big, strategic, business changing questions that our clients have – should we launch this product, how do we increase sales, what do our customers think and feel about our brand?  So before Christmas, and to coincide with our launch in the U.S., we wanted to address what we saw as the biggest, most strategic and business changing question out there – is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

To do so, we asked n=1,150 Americans 18+ the simple question – is Die Hard a Christmas movie – channelling a bit of Hans Gruber and his desire for the process to be “professional, efficient, adult, cooperative.  Not a lot to ask”.  We kept our own bias in check by providing two response options (yes and no) despite initial brainstorming of using the response code ‘Yippie-Ki-Yay’.  We ensured it went to a representative sample, reflective of the American population in terms of age, gender and region. We thought we did everything right until we saw the results.

According to our research, 68% of the American public DO NOT believe Die Hard to be a Christmas film.  68%! It didn’t matter if they were male or female, what age they were, whether they were registered to vote, Democrat or Republican leaning – they all favoured the negative.

They gave us reasons as well “it’s an action movie that just happens to be set in Christmas”; or “there’s too much violence and nothing jolly about it” and even recommended we watched ‘proper’ Christmas films like Elf or It’s a Wonderful Life.

It’s our role as independent researchers to remain balanced and unbiased.  We’re the voice of the people, even when they’re clearly wrong.  So we’re publishing these results under duress but as part of our commitment to quality research and insight.  And we most certainly DID NOT send the below video to the 68% of Americans as definitive proof.  



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