The Simplicity of Salad

There’s many things I like about Washington DC – and a couple at the moment that I don’t – but back from my most recent adventure, I was fortunate enough to discover Brown Bag – a store deserving of its own blog and a good reminder that of the Australian Kellog’s Corn Flakes mantra that the simple things in life are often the best.

When you think about brands that simplify our lives, you often think about brands like Google, Netflix or Amazon.  These are brands that have tapped into a consumer need and consistently deliver a reliable, customer centric and simplistic experience.  Studies have shown that the simplicity drives customer loyalty.  Think about the emergence of the subscription model businesses where not only is your ongoing support a simplistic process – they have been able to disrupt traditional brands and ways of doing business.

Simplicity shouldn’t have negative connotations attached to it.  The most simple experiences can drive positive emotions – it’s recognition that in today’s chaos, a brand recognises what little time I want to engage in the process (or even with the brand) and delivers that.  It’s familiarity and trust that any brand would strive for.

So how did Brown Bag achieve this within three visits last week.

  • The process is incredibly simple as documented by the below photo. I take a ‘brown bag’ and pen, I nominate what I want in my salad (they do the same for sandwiches, noodles, etc) and I leave that on the counter.


  • The salad is then prepared quickly and in a container, placed within the same ‘Brown Bag’ and based on what I have ticked (which the cashier can see), my order is charged.
  • I can (which I did) repeat the process that I’m now familiar with, re-order the same or experiment with different flavours but all grounded in a simple customer experience

There’s a lot more that supports Brown Bag which includes quality ingredients, fresh and healthy propositions and honest fast food but it was the simplicity which got me over the line the 3 days I was in Washington DC.

No authors were harmed in the process of eating salad three days in a row


By Paul Dixon

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