Time To Get Personal

As a trend, personalisation has been around that long that it’s moved from fad to fashion and now part of the marketing furniture.  Gone are the days of mass customisation – the consumer now wants, or demands, a personal one-on-one relationship with the brands they choose to have a relationship with.  What might sound like a marketers nightmare, is actually an opportunity for a brand to stand out and start a meaningful (and profitable) relationship.

There’s well known examples of where personalisation has worked well – Share a Coke is probably the most well known, where consumers could ‘personalise’ their can/bottle and encouraged to share with others.  The genius behind the idea was the fact that in many ways, it was a throw back to the mass customisation approach – only 150 of the most popular Australian names where printed but the consumer believed Coke was trying to establish that important one-on-one relationship.

But personalization as a trend is much more than printing names on a soft drink bottle – it can mean that touchpoints consumers have with a brand are bespoke and individual.  It can also recognise the path to purchase is varied and often unique to the individual so can tailor that based on the individual.

While the Coke campaign is well known, there are other brands doing personalisation well that you might not have necessarily heard of.  Here’s a couple of examples:

Wild Things is a USA brand, specialising in hiking/mountain gear and has introduced a feature on the website that allows consumers to design their own jacket – from elements like adding an ID into the jacket, to changing the pocket from the left hand chest pocket to the right hand for left-handed customers.  Simple measures but recognition that not all men and women are created equal

The Essential Wine App is another great example of taking personalisation to the next level – while the app lets you take a photo of a wine label and keep track of what you like, what you might like based on your choices – it also lets you know which wines your friends are drinking, and get their perspectives on the wines they love.

KLM – the Dutch airline – is well known for their innovation but Meet & Seat dials up the personalisation trend.  Meet & Seat lets you find interesting people who will be on board your KLM flight by opting in your Facebook and LinkedIn profile detail.  You can then check who of ‘interest’ might be on your flight and choose to sit next to them.  Surely it’s only a matter of time before a Tinder version of this appears.

Some interesting examples for you to consider how personalisation is working and what brands are doing about it


By Paul Dixon

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